How to live happily using yoga, meditation and ayurveda?

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Innovative Inner Healing Program

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, unforgiveness, rejection, abandonment, anger, bitterness, confusion, a mental health diagnosis, emotional and/or physical anguish? We can help you to get rid of stress by breathing techniques/yoga/meditation

Best Life Package

We have developed a package called Best Life Package, which combines the Ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation-a combination of wellness practices that are applied to focus on the proper functioning of energy in order to achieve greater physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

The free flow of energy through the body and mind serves to revitalize positive, creative, healthy, and successful energy. After my wife and I practiced the methods in the Best Life Package for seven days, our worries and anxiety disappeared. Our stress diminished and we achieved a sense of calm, positivity, and peace that continued on throughout our daily lives.

We are aware that millions of people worldwide are confronting the very same concerns we struggle with—in many cases, issues that are far more severe—and we feel we can help with our inner healing solutions. We believe that although there are factors in your environment—in your life—that you may not be able to change, it is possible to eliminate what I call ‘COVID stress’ through inner healing.

Details of the Inner Healing Best Life Package

The Best Life Package is a 7 to 14 day journey for those who wish to transform their lives by achieving a calm, healthy, and positive existence.

The package includes practices and methods such as:


1) Ayurveda therapy

This includes a diverse series of daily Ayurveda therapies to guide the body towards relaxation, heal the nervous system, and improve blood circulation.


2) Yoga and Breathing

Breathing techniques are widely recommended for greater relaxation, stress management, healing of negative emotional states, and to improve the functioning of all the major organs in the body that are affected by emotional stress. Yogic breathing, which is a manipulation of breath movement, has been found to positively impact immune system functioning, correct autonomic nervous system imbalances, and improve psychological or stress-related disorders.


3) Meditation with Chakra Visualization

Chakras are energy centers that connect hubs where the major nadis (or energy channels) of the body come together. The word “chakra” means “wheel.” Each chakra in the body is a wheel of the life-force. The energy concentrated at these chakras nourishes both the physical body and the mind.



Details of Ayurveda Therapy


Day 1

The first day of the program consists of Rooksha kriya. This is a therapeutic deep tissue massage that works to remove the blockages and correct lymphatic flow.

Day 2

Next, you will enjoy Rujaharam, which is a treatment to reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

Day 3

Srotho Sudhi is performed on the third day to unclog the channels of the body.

Day 4

Sarira Raksha (improves blood circulation and removes the Ama)

Day 5

Siro Raksha (helps to relieve the stress and improve mental health)

Day 6

Dathupustikara (to rejuvenate and recharge your body)

Day 7

Soundaryakaram (to improve the skin texture)


Every morning: Yoga and Meditation

Detailed day wise programe

This total therapy for seven days will help to rejuvenate recharge and revitalise your body and mind
* Daily detailed consultation with our doctors
* Individual diet advice after the course
* Treatments can change after having detailed consultation or depends on your body health conditions

Day 01

*Udwarthanam ( deep tissue massage with special herbal powder to remove the blockages and to correct the lymphatic flow
*Abyangam (special medicated warm oil applied to the entire body combined with special massage strokes to maintain well being and good health
*Dinacharya (Ayuveda recommend certain daily regimen to maintain health rather than treating disease)
1. Kabalam (Medicated gargling to improve taste and for strengthening the teeth)
2. Akshi kshalanam/ Anjanam special treatment for eyes
3. Nasyam -treatment for head neck and shoulders
*Internal medication as per doctors advice- medicine prepares daily in our kitchen with out preservative
*special diet - individual diet as per doctors advice- 3 vegetarian meal, herbal juice and herbal tea
Yoga and meditation

Meditation at Beach
Abyangam | The Ayur Villa Resort


Day 02

1. Abyangam (special warm oil is applied all over the body combined with massage strokes)
2. Medicated dhara for all over the body with medicated Kashayam or medicated ksheera kashayam for perspiration
3. Dinacharya.........

Day 03

1. Abyangam.....
2. Swedana , medicated steam bath with special herbal leaves, or Kashayam depends on body constitution and helps to remove the clogs in channel

3. Dinacharya


Day 04

1. Abyangam.....
2. Kayasekam Special medicated lukewarm oil is poured the whole body in a rhythmic manner to improve blood circulation and removes the toxins
3 Dinacharya....

Day 05

1. Abyangam .....
2. Shirodhara with medicated oil/ milk/ butter milk- this treatment aims at helping you to combat the symptoms of stress, insomnia, fatigue, headaches that are a part of today’s hectic lifestyle and helps to improve mental health
3. Dinacharya....


Ayurveda in Kovalam
Healthy Diet | The Ayur Villa

Day 06

1. Abyangam ....
2. Shastikapinda Swedana / lepam( special herbal massage with shastika rice cooked with milk and applied all over the body to aids in toning up the skin and strengthening the body tissues so as to facilitate longevity

3. Dinacharya

Day 07

1. Abyanga......
2. Mukhaabyanga special herbal oil massage for the face
3. Lepam ( all over the body and face with special herbal powder mixed with oil/ milk/ herbal juice depends on the body constitution to improve the skin texture
4. Dinacharya....



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