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The Ayur Villa providing home based Ayurveda and assure you a homely atmosphere and pure organic diet. We focus on restoring the natural harmony of your body and mind. During the first consultation our Ayurveda doctor will ask your medical history and do the examination based on Ayurveda. Based on this our doctor will try to analyze the imbalanced dosha, discover the body’s constitution and plan the treatment for specific conditions to remove the accumulated toxins and plan your diet also according to the imbalance. The status of Ayurveda in Kerala is not an alternative but is the main stream. We assure you that we would provide this system of medicine with absolute dedication. Kerala is perhaps one of the few places on earth where a temperature of 24-28 degree is maintained during the period of continuous rain. This prevalence of moisture in the air and on the surface of the skin makes it the ideal place for natural medicines to work at their highest level of potency. The key to live an effective Ayurveda lifestyle also rests within the power to attain complete relaxation through yoga. We have a spacious yoga hall and you can do yoga under the instruction of a yoga teacher. The holystic medical science of ayurveda lies at the very heart of our purpose. An array of personalised ayurveda treatments has been carefully perfected by our ayurveda doctor.





The most recent branch of Ayurveda is panchakarma. This means five actions. It is a treatment plan that relies upon five distinctive techniques to control the body. These include Anuvaasan, Vomiting, Nasyam, Purgation and Nirgam. It is a pillar on which most of the other treatments are based. It works best when the patients also receive medicated oils that help eliminate toxins from their body.


Five benefits of ayurvedic panchakarma treatment


1. It restores your metabolic fire

If you have noticed that no matter what you do you, you are not losing weight, 
It could be because your metabolism is slow or out of whack. You need to make sure that you detoxify your system in the right way. The removal of toxins will help with waste reduction in your body. It will also get your body back in gear as far as weight loss is concerned.


2. Improve circulation

Poor circulation impairs your blood flow  and compromises the blood supply to some of your organs. This makes it difficult for your body to self heal. The most beautiful parts of this treatment is the fact that your circulation improves almost immediately. As the toxins are flushed out, your circulation of both blood and air improves tremendously. As a result you get better healing and better overall health. You also feel rejuvenated and energetic after the treatment.


3. Clears the mind.

Another great benefit of the treatment is the fact that it is also accompanied by yoga and meditation. It, therefore, allows you to focus on other parts of life and take your mind off your stressors. These activities are also responsible for the release of serotonin, a hormone that keeps you happy.

4. Slows the aging process

Want to reduce the impact of ageing on your skin? You can with this treatment. Because it removes toxins from your body, it keeps your skin elastic for a long time. it also allows you to eliminate all the toxins and keep the skin looking younger. There is also the fact that it allows you to prevent and treat any harmful effects of the sun on your skin.


5. Boosts your immunity

If you have noticed that you are always coming down with certain conditions, you can prevent that by using this treatment to stop it ensures that your circulation is improved and keeps you energetic all day. Also, it makes it easier for your body to heal itself because it is not trying to eliminate toxins at the same time

14 Days of Panchakarma therapy (Purification process)

Phase 1:


Day 01:

When a client comes to our place, on the first day itself we start with an introduction about the basics of Ayurveda and a detailed consultation for about one hour. A typical ayurvedic Consultation includes pulse diagnosis and Desa vidha pareeksha( Dusya – vitiated tissues and waste products, Desa – Habitat of the client, Bala – strength of the disease or client, Kala – Season, Anala – Digestive activity, Prakruthi –Constitution, Vaya – Age, Satva – Mind, Satmya – Accustoms, Ahara – Food habits)

After this detailed consultation on the same day the client will get an Abyangam for an hour, that depends on his body condition or his state of health also he will get an individual food plan with herbal tea and individual treatment programme

ayurveda resort in kovalam
ayurveda resort in kovalam

Day 02

Before going to the treatment the client will get checked his blood pressure with the doctor and he may get the treatment for about 90 minutes

Day 03, 04 and 05

After doctors consultation before going to the treatment, he may get different treatments like Abyangam with kizhi or Powder massage, or kadeevasthy or snehapanam etc will be there, that’s all depends on the dosha dominance or depends on the condition of the patients

This part of the treatment, the phase 1 is to prepare the body for purification.

So why we have to prepare the body for purification?

Because the toxins are situated in the different parts of the body or in deep inside the tissues, so with those treatments like Abyangam and Kizhi (oiletaion and fomentation) the toxins which are situated in different parts of the body will move to the stomach and then with appropriate orifices we have to eliminate the toxins

Day 06

The main Panchakarma therapy will be done, thats depends on the dosha or depends on the condition of the body. It can be purgation with different medicines or different types of Vasthi.

During this day, you are allowed to take only very light food and warm food (Rice soups or other soups – depends on doshas)

ayurveda resort in kovalam
ayurveda resort in kovalam



Phase 2

The next Five days are considered as phase 2, In this period mostly the client may get Kayasekam and Siro dhara, this kind of treatment is also usually to bring the toxins out of the body or in some cases it will act as a main treatment to get digested the toxins within the body itself.

Phase 3

The next three days are considered as phase 3, in this period after cleansing the body we have to rejuvenate the body with different treatments like Shastika panda sweda and all


During these 14 days Clients should strictly follow the Pathyas (restrictions)

Only very light and warm food is allowed, Only warm water for drinking and bathing

No coffee and Black tea

No Non veg food (meat – All types, Fish and eggs)

No Alcoholic drinks

No exertion (mentally and physically)

No Day sleep

Detailed individual food programme will be given to follow it in home, after the cure

Healthy Diet

Ayurveda Treatment Charges

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