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Best Speciality Villa in Kovalam

The Ayur Villa is a Boutique luxury private retreat for family vacation or private stay with Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation to rejuvenate body mind and soul. The Ayur Villa is rated as top retreat by Trip advisor in the speciality lodging category by the customers who stayed and experinced the Keralan hospitality and Luxury amenities.

What We Offer: An Unforgettable Retreat

With a team of highly trained yoga professionals and experts in Ayurveda treatment, your stay at the Ayur Villa promises you an unforgettable chance to improve your life.

For many years people have understood the health benefits of yoga and of Ayurveda treatment, which translates as “life knowledge” from Sanskrit. The positive results from our carefully developed treatment plans include tackling such ailments as stress and obesity, while helping the body through improving lung capacity and natural ways to boost immunity.

By combining the two practices we are able to offer you both customised yoga training and personalised Ayurveda package tailored to your specific wellbeing goals -- but achieving the best results requires seclusion and focus, which we can provide at the Ayur Villa.

The Villa

Boutique Ayurveda Beach villa in Kerala, India—"God's Own Country”


Teachers Ayurveda treatment will tell you that to achieve the ideal outcomes you must practice with quiet and solitude. Our luxury five-bedroom Ayurvedic resort in Kerala lets you leave the noise and stress of modern life behind for your own gorgeous private refuge.

This boutique wellness retreat is a short and pleasant stroll from the beautiful Kovalam beach, and boasts authentic Kerala architecture along with the very latest and most comfortable in fixtures and fittings. In addition to the five bedrooms you’ll also find ample living space to explore and unwind in, along with a large dining area and fully equipped kitchen.

The bright and sunny accommodations also include your own private swimming pool, which can enhance your physical exercises as part of your customised yoga training.


Your Stay With Us

Private family villa with Pool in Kovalam


The small, yet spacious, build of our villa means that we can offer one-one-one private and personalised treatments for you and any friends or family that accompany you.

Your personalised Ayurveda package includes daily massages for up to three guests, helping you to further relax and embrace a slower but healthier pace of life.

Our dedicated team of experts includes your own doctor who will monitor implementation of your treatment every day that you’re with us. And the doctor also recommends the best diet of vegetables and fruits for your need, which we buy and supply on a daily basis. Our mantra at the Ayur Villa is that natural ways to boost immunity are the most ideal approaches.


For Special Rates, please contact +91 99958 09008 / info@theayurvilla.com



Kerala Ayurveda Retreat



Kerala Ayurveda Retreat

A truly unique boutique wellness retreat in Kerala, India

If you are ready to embrace a healthier future, look no further than our Ayurvedic resort in Kerala that offers first-class luxurious accommodations paired with customised yoga training and a personalised Ayurveda package to transform your mental and physical wellbeing.



Innovative Inner Healing Program

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, unforgiveness, rejection, abandonment, anger, bitterness, confusion, a mental health diagnosis, emotional and/or physical anguish? We can help you to get rid of stress by breathing techniques/yoga/meditation


Contact Our Team For More Information

- If you’d like to make a booking for your stay at this wonderful Ayurvedic resort in Kerala, or if you simply have more questions
about our boutique wellness retreat or more generally about Ayurveda treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

- We can be reached by email at info@theayurvilla.com or telephone (with all relevant country codes included) at +91 99958 09008
and +91 4712481008

- We look forward to working with you on your step to greater wellbeing.

what our happy clients say..


" Classy exclusive comfort. "

Stayed 2 weeks in July for a Ayurveda treatment in this exclusive very private and friendly place. Feel like part of a family with one on one treatment under a very competent Doctor and with a very good Therapist. Meals were excellent very modern twist to pure veg Ayurveda food.

Rooms Big, Clean and spacious and very new so everything is working perfectly in including the WiFi. Would highly recommend staying in this beautiful place just a short walk from beach. Was hard to leave.
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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