Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda

Ayurveda has emphasized the view that man is miniature of nature. This means that principles that are present in universe are also present in man. Everything in this universe has been created after the combination of Purusha or pure consciousness and Prakruti or Great Nature. Then triganas are formed. They are called as sattva, Rajas and Tamas.


Sattva is light or intelligence, Rajas is turbulence, motion or action while Tamas is inertia or darkness. These are the three primary and Omnipresent Qualities at work behind all material substanees in the Universe, the contribution of these three nonmaterial constments is asential for the evolution of universe.

Primordial Elements (QuantionPhysics)

The basic material constitients exist in Universe and man are called Panchakarmabhuta or five great elements. The original substance of this group pervades the entire Universe and is not observable hene it is called as great dement(mahabhuta). These elements are nothing but etheric, gaseous, radiant, fluid and solid states of the matter. As long as these elements are in equilibrium the functions in Universe as well as man are in proper order.


Ayurvedic suentist observed that there is similarity between functions in universe and man. There are three main causative factors in the Universe, Sun, Moon and the wind. Sun represents the energy of conversion. Moon represents the energy that keeps the molecules together and helps to grow. Wind represents the energy that is responsible for all the movements. All there functions present in man. They are called doshas or biological humors, which control all the functions in the man. They are known as the Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Almost all oriental medicine aim at achieving the balance of energies in the body. Harmoney is health and disharmony is disease.

Ayurveda Therapic

To help balance the doshas, Ayurveda employs all five senses, including, in context purification techniques, surgery, drugs, cautery, diet herbs, minerals, massage and other body works, acupressure manipulation of the marmas, exercise including yoga, Indian classical music, aroma therapy, meditation etc…

Ayurveda treatment

Most of us have many levels of toxins accumulated over a lifetime of indiscretions, all of which cannot be released at once lest they overwhelm the excretory organs and ravage the mind. Your mind and body become habituated to these poison, which have become part of the equilibrium equation. Removing them all at once would seriously imbalance your physical body and confuse your mind so that you no longer felt like yourself. We must respect our Body’s wisdom and permit it to release it’s toxins. Ayurveda favours gradual over sudden cure to protect your identity, which controls your immune system. Even medical treatment should never be stopped abruptly, but only gradually to give the system time to acclimatize itself to living without a medical crutch. Because the large number and variety of stresses to which we are exposed, no one factor can be pointed to as the cause. When either disease or cause is unsure, treatment can still proceed according to the general treatment for the doshas involved, since the doshas are the prime causes of physical health and disease.


Ayurveda suggests that while undergoing treatments one should be vegetarian and food should be healthy , freshly cooked and easily digestible. Fresh organic food contains the maximum natural vitamins No preserved food or artificial colouring is used in any of our Dishes. Absolutely no cream or nut paste is used and just the right amount of oil is used, only what is essential for the body and mind.

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