Ayurveda Treatments and its Benefits



1) Abhyangam

It is kind of Ayurveda therapy which involves whole body massage with herb infused oil.


2) Shirodhara

Oil or therapeutic substance methodically drips along a coarse thread on to the forehead.


3) Kshayadhara

In this herbal oil, medicated milk and medicated butter milk are poured over forehead and on the body.


Katibasti | The Ayur Villa Resort

4) Greevabasti

It is neck therapy in which warm herbal oil is allowed to retain on neck region which relieves pain and inflammation.


5) Janubasti

It is a treatment for knee join pain, in this medicated warm oil is allowed to held for a certain period of time.


6) Katibasti

A traditional ayurveda treatment for lower back pain in which warm medicated oil is allowed to held in the lower back region.

7) Spinebasti

In this medicated warm herbal oil is held in a well created using black gram paste over the spinal code. it cures stiffness and inter vertebral disc prolapse.


8) Kizhi

It is pouch made with muslim cloth which is packed with herbs, powders or medical concoctions.


9) Mukhalepam

It is an ayurveda facial therapy which uses herbal natural pack.


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10) Netralepanam

Netralepanam used to relieve various types of eye pains.


11) Shringara

It is a wellness treatment, this includes full body Abhyanga and scrub. It is then followed by full body application of body paste.


12) Pizhichil

An important ayurveda treatment in which a linen cloth dipped in hot medicated oil is squeezed and the oil is poured over the affected part.


13) Thalapothichil

In this the scalp is covered with herbal paste of high medicated value. It is very effective in various psychosomatic disorders.


14) Udvartanam

It is a full body massage using herbal powder or herbal paste. effective treatment for weight loss and diabetics.



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